Mac Hardware Repair

Mac computers are built to last, and hold their value really well. Because of this we do a lot of repairs on Mac computers as the repairs are a very inexpensive compared to the price of replacing the computer. We can repair everything from liquid damadge on keyboards, to broken touchs pads and dead battery's. We provide a full quote before any work is done.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


We use and fix a wide range of Mac computers, and are able to fix vitually any hardware problem that might arise.

Our Guarantee

We provide a full warranty on all the work we provide, 30 days on labour and up to 3 years on the hardware installed.


Mac hardware repairs generally take 2 - 3 business days to complete, depending on available of parts.

process summary

For Mac repairs we provide a full quote, then proceed with the repairs and testing of the machine. We work with you to ensure that the fixes are worth while, and that you understand everything that is going on.


In Shop

Most hardware repairs are done in shop as they require a complete disassembly of the machine, and frequently ordering parts in.

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We can Fix

  • Keyboard Damadge
  • Hardware Failure
  • Dead Hard drives
  • Ram Failure
  • Broken Screens
  • Battery Failure