Cell Phone Screen Repairs

Most cell phone and tablet screens can be fixed and are worth fixing. We offer high quality screen repair at reasonable prices for almost any cell phone, tablet and mobile device. We provide a quote before starting so you can decide if you want to proceed with the work.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


Mobile repairs are very delicate and require lots of expierence to repair without causing further damadge to the phone. We fix dozens of phones a month and have the experience required to do it quickly and accuratly.

Our Guarantee

We warranty all our mobile device repair work for 30 days on labour, plus a longer warranty on parts. If there is a defect or factory damadge we gladly will look after it for you


Generally cell phone repairs are performed same day as we keep the parts in stock. Tablets and less common cell phones are between 2 - 3 business days.

process summary

Our process for cell phone & tablet repairs is simple. We diagnose the problem, provide a quote, install the part and test the phone. The last part is the most important to ensure the new part is fully working in your device


In Shop

We only provide mobile & tablet repairs in shop due to tools and amount of space required to properly repair the device. However we do offer same day service so give us a call.

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