Laptop Screen Repair

We offer affordable laptop screen replacement in Barrie! Our laptop screens come with a 1-3 year warranty depending on the model, so you know you are getting a quality screen that will last. When you give us a call we will provide you with rough pricing over the phone to make sure it makes sense to get your laptop screen repaired. The prices on laptop screen replacements can range from $60 - $350+ depending on the screen and model of the laptop. However most screens fall into the $60 - $140 range, unless it is a high end laptop or mac.

Just because you don't have any picture on your screen doesn't mean it's necessarily the component that needs replacing. Often times no picture on a screen can result from a faulty LCD cable or faulty backlight inverter, both components that are much more affordable to replace than an LCD screen.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


We have replaced hundreds of laptop screens on barrie, on a wide range of laptops, netbooks and tablets. We have the volumne and experience to get you a good price on your laptop screen repair.

Our Guarantee

New laptop screens are sold with a 1 - 3 year warranty depending on manufacture. We stand behind what we sell.


Laptop Screen replacements can be completed as fast as next business day depending on the parts.

process summary

The first thing we do when we get a laptop in for a screen replacement is to test the screen and computer to determine if the screen is broken or if it is another hardware issue. We then test the rest of the laptop to ensure that this is the only hardware problem, and then we make sure that the approximate value of the laptop makes it worth you fixing. Once that is done we call the customer ( you) to provide you with exact pricing on the screen replacement so you can decide how you want to proceed. We then order in the screen, and in 2-3 business days (average, rush is available) you get your laptop back and ready to go!

Hardware Test

We check to make sure there is no other hardware damadge or other issues, then provide a full repair quote.

Screen Installation

We install your new screen, and ensure everything is working

System Health Check

We perform a full system health check for viruses, speed and any other issues you should be aware of


In Shop

We only provide laptop screen repair in office as we have to order parts and have to completely tear the laptop down in order to do the repairs.

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