Mac Lessons

We offer Mac lessons covering everything from an introduction to the mac operating system, to more in depth topics like iPhoto and iMovie. We offer a quiet setting with one on one time with a technician to learn about the operating system at your own pace. Our technique to teaching you mac is simple. We let you run the computer, and direct you through various exercises to show you how things work and ensure you understand how to use the machine. We strongly encourage notes to be taken during the process as well.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


We have strong expierence on both Mac and windows computers. Our technicians are trained on mac's, and use them day to day in the office. This provides us with a solid foundation on how they work, and day to day practical experience

Our Guarantee

If you have any questions, give us a call we are gald to help


Mac lessons can be book 2 - 3 business days in advance. Same day requests can be accomidated if required.

process summary

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. For this reason as much as possible during our lessons we have you run the computer, and just walk you through various exercises to get you more familure with that the machine can do.


In Shop

We provide a lot of our Mac trainings in our office on your computer. We have a meeting room that allows us to work in quiet on your machine and go through any questions and exercies that might be required to make you feel comfortable on the machine. We charge $75 an hour for in shop training.

On Site

On site training can be an excellent way to learn the Mac operation system. We are able to go through issues and questions in your own enviroment, and ensure everything is working and setup in the way that you would use it on a day to day basis. We charge $75 an hour for on site training, plus a travel fee depending on location.

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