Mac Viruses

Yes, Apple Computer's do get viruses. We have started seeing more and more Mac computer's in with viruses, and some of them are pretty nasty. We are able to remove viruses from your mac, get the system tuned up, and make suggestions on what to do to prevent further infections in the future.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


ACT360 Web & IT are regular users of both Mac and Windows, allowing us to quickly troubleshoot and fix any issues that might arise.

Our Guarantee

We provide a full 30 day warranty on our virus removals.


Mac virus removals generally take between 2 - 3 business days, depending on the severaity of the infection.

Mac Virus Symptons
  1. Slow Boot
  2. Browser Popups

process summary

Mac viruses are starting to become more and more common. We work on a lot of apple computers, and have found the generally Mac viruses are related to programs install on the Mac. We are able to get these cleaned up to get you back up and running quickly.

Replicate issue

Our first step for repairing a Mac virus is to replicate the issue so we can ensure it's fixed once done. For this reason we frequently will work with you when you drop the machine off so you can quickly show us the problem you are having.

Removal & Cleanup

Once we have issolated the issue, we will remove the virus and work to clean it up and get your machine running like new again. All our virus removals include a tune up to ensure we get everything working like new again.


The last step we do is to test everything and make sure you are running like new.


In Shop

Virus removals on Macs are the most cost effectively done in our office, as we provide a flat rate for all in shop Mac virus removals

Remote Support

We can fix some mac viruses remotely depending on severity and what the virus is. This option is best when you can't be without the machine and want minimal down time.

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We can Fix

  • Browser Popups
  • Slow Turning On
  • Beach Ball
  • Running Slow
  • Crashing