Power Jack Repair

Power jacks on laptops are broken easily and often, from sometimes the slighest wrong movement. We are able to repair or replace the jack in the laptop at a very afforable price, and get it back to as good as new again. All DC Jack repairs come with a full 30 day warranty.

Why ACT360

The techs you can talk to


We have experience soddering and replaceing DC jacks, and perform these repairs on a regular basis.

Our Guarantee

We back up all our DC jack repairs with a full 30 day warranty.


DC Jack repairs genneraly take between 2 - 3 business days depending on parts availabilty.

process summary

There are two main types of DC jack repairs, soldered onto the motherboard, and cable based. Once we have the laptop we take it appart, and assess what type of power jack the laptop have and how it has broken. Power jack damadge frequently also has case damadge and crackes, causing the jack to not be attached properly. This is often repairable and is done as needed.

Power Jack Assessment

We check to see what the damage is, and test as much of the laptop as possible. We then call you to provide you with details and a full quote.


As needed we order the parts to repair the machine - generally arrive next business day - and then perform the work to get it repaired.

Final Test

Once the new jack is installed ,we perform a full hardware test on the machine to ensure everything is working as expected. If we couldn't do so before we also check for any software issues that need to be addressed.


In Shop

All DC jack repairs are done in shop as they take several days to complete, and generally require ordering parts or sodering the jack onto the board.

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