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You guys are amazing at being available and helping us understand the way we need to since we don't understand the way you do ;)

Thank you and will be referring you for sure!


Thanks for everything, it was quick and relatively inexpensive and the techs were able to take the time to explain everything in detail. Will definitely recommend!


Thank you so much your work on my computer. I can honestly say that this has been the best computer service I have ever received! Please feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial. I am so grateful that I found you guys online. I came to you guys with what I thought was an impossible scenario. You guys listened and fixed everything, all without breaking the bank. Now my computer runs like a dream. I live over an hour away - but it was well worth the drive. You have got yourself another loyal customer. Thank you!

I will definitely be using you guys again. Anyone looking for computer repair? Look no further. These guys know what they are doing!

Thanks again,


 We depend on our computers working flawlessly.  When they didn’t we called ACT and they made a HOUSE CALL !  They had us up and running in 1 day and even went the extra mile to personally leave the office and purchase the parts we needed.  They were courteous and respectful and conducted themselves in a purely professional manner.  Adam is the best !  He has even used the remote screen access application for smaller problems,  to avoid the cost of having to come to our office !   WE WOULD RECOMMEND!


I am so happy I called ACT. If not for Adam I would have ended up junking my computer. The service is so fast affordable and trustworthy, I am going to recommend it to everyone and anyone. I Hope you do very well in your business as you deserve all good things for the honest work you do for people. Denise


When I moved to Barrie, I was looking for computer help as the computer that I had had been frankensteined since my highschool years.  When I found ACT, not only did I find people who were able to help but they stayed to teach me about my new computer!  I was so happy with their service and continue to be happy that I have decided not to look anywhere else.  If they can do all this for me, just think what they can do for you?!